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Welcome to the Stanislaus County Fair Exhibits Entry Program!
Online Entry Requirements:
-Over 18 years old
-OR parent/guardian of exhibitor under 18
-OR 4-H/FFA Advisor of exhibitor under 18
-OR be authorized by exhibitor if over 18  
In order to submit entries and other data online, it is required that entrant has read, understands and agrees to abide by all of the rules and regulations governing the fair entries as published in the official Stanislaus County Fair Handbook.
All Poultry Shows have been cancelled at the 2019 Stanislaus County Fair - due to the severity of the virus Virulent Newcastle Disease and the serious threat to the Poultry Industry in California
To enter Livestock Market Animals, refer to the Livestock Market Animal Department for Divisions and Classes.  Market animals include:  Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Replacement Heifers and Rabbit Meat Pens.
To enter Livestock Breeding Animals, refer to the Livestock Breeding Animal Department for Divisions and Classes.
To enter Livestock Showmanship, refer to the Livestock Showmanship Department for Divisions and Classes
Horse Insurance is listed under items (additional fees), to be paid by the Exhibitor after entries, before you check out.  Please note that additional fees (under the "item" tab) include the following items:
Horse Insurance fee
Horse Haul-in fee
Horse Stall fee
Horse Drug fee
Livestock, Poultry and Rabbit Exhibitors, if eligible can purchase passes AND the passes are available online under the Department “2019 Lvstk., Poultry and Rabbit Passes”.  Enter Division and Class for Exhibitor passes.
Primary, Cavy, Dog, Horse and Still Exhibits are not eligible for Livestock Passes.
NO REFUNDS for passes purchased
There are NO refunds for fees paid on any passes for fair - Please note the limits for purchase of all passes:  Limit of (1) one Exhibitor Pass, if eligible.  No more than 2 total parent passes (if applicable), and only 2 parking pass per family.
All Exhibitors must include their middle initial (list middle initial after your first name, in the first name field) when submitting entries online
ALL Livestock Exhibitors (excluding cavy, dog & horse) are required to complete the YQCA Program - Youth for the Quality and Care of Animals.  Certification Number for completion of the program is required and the certification number can be entered with the online entry.